Historical ACA Highlights

The ACA has shared the chiropractic profession’s enthusiasm for positive public relations for many years. In fact, no organization has done as much for positioning doctors of chiropractic as health and wellness experts in the eyes of the public as the ACA has.

Below you’ll find some historical highlights of ACA’s public relations efforts since August of 2003.

ACA public relations highlights since August 2003

Articles featuring ACA spokespersons in major publications are not only informative, they help to place doctors of chiropractic as health and wellness experts in the eyes of the public. Interview opportunities such as these are made possible in part by the helpful health tips and information ACA supplies to the mass media, whether on backpack safety, snow shoveling, posture, or other important issues.

    • May 2004: Woman’s World Features Touching Chiropractic Success Story
      Woman’s World magazine published a moving story of a woman who found relief from trigeminal neuralgia – a painful condition that made her unable to smile – thanks to chiropractic care. Woman’s World published the story in its May 11, 2004 issue after contacting the ACA for information. In the article, ACA national spokesperson Jerome McAndrews, DC, provides a list of not-so-obvious ailments that chiropractic has been shown to improve. The article also provides ACA’s Web address, through which prospective patients can locate ACA members like you in their communities.


    • May 2004: Delicious Living Urges Readers to ‘Consider Chiropractic Care’
      Delicious Living magazine quotes Dr. McAndrews in a May 2004 article titled “6 Natural Ways to Beat Back Pain.” Among the six recommendations provided in the article is the suggestion that readers “consider chiropractic care.” Dr. McAndrews helps to explain chiropractic in layperson’s terms.


    • April 2004: Newsweek Contacts ACA, Exposes Dangers of Unnecessary Back Surgeries
      In its April 26 issue, Newsweek published a thought-provoking cover story on the unfortunate proliferation of unnecessary back surgeries. The story, titled “The Great Back Debate,” discusses a variety of alternatives to traditional medical intervention for back pain. The article explains that chiropractic care is the most popular non-surgical option for treating back pain, and that many patients find relief thanks to chiropractic. Prior to publishing the article, Newsweek contacted ACA to obtain facts for the piece.


    • March 2004: Journal of Quality Health Care Agrees to Publish ACA Response to Negative Article
      The Journal of Quality Health Care (JQHC), a peer-reviewed publication of the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians, has agreed to publish ACA’s official response to a “biased and misleading” article in the journal’s January/March 2004 issue. In the article, Preston H. Long, PhD, attempts to draw a connection between spinal manipulation and stroke while downplaying the efficacy of the treatment. The April/June 2004 issue of JQHC will contain ACA’s response, which criticizes Long for disregarding “a plethora of research supporting the efficacy and safety of spinal manipulation.”


    • February 2004: ACA Discusses Chiropractic & Aging in Washington Post
      ACA spokesperson Jerome McAndrews, DC, is quoted in the February 3, 2004 edition of the Washington Post in an article about height loss as a result of aging. ACA media relations staff arranged the interview earlier this month. The article’s author explains that, “Chiropractic may also be able to stop or reverse height loss.” The complete article, including the quotes.


    • January 2004: CBS Early Show Relies on ACA Tips for Segment on Better Sleep
      The CBS Early Show contacted the ACA this month in search of tips on how to get a good night’s sleep. In addition to utilizing ACA’s information in the program, the CBS Early Show’s Web site also provided a link to ACA’s sleep tips, which can be found.


    • December 2003: ACA Speaks on Baltimore’s WBAL Radio about the Physical Strains of Holiday Shopping
      WBAL Radio in Baltimore interviewed ACA’s national spokesperson, Dr. Jerome McAndrews, on-air about ways to stay safe and healthy during the frantic holiday shopping season. The interview resulted from ACA’s news release on holiday safety tips.


  • November 2003: Reader’s Digest Wellness Guide Directs Readers to ACA
    Page 6 of the November 2003 issue of Reader’s Digest directs its multitude of readers to the Reader’s Digest’s online “Staying Well Resource Guide,” which includes ACA’s Web address and toll-free phone number. Consumers who logon to ACA’s Web site or call ACA’s toll-free number can quickly and easily located ACA members-like you-in their communities. The guide also lists ACA as one of a handful of health organizations offering health information and consumer tips to the public.